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Why Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus is unable to update.?

Microsoft Security Essential (MSE) is a product of Microsoft Corporation, it is antivirus software designed for Windows. It is provides the full protection against different types of unsafe programs and threads that’s install from the internet on our computer system and crashed or stolen our important data. Microsoft thinks create software for our operating system (Windows is an operating system of Microsoft Corporation) that provides the full protection will be free to our Windows users. The MSE are  a type of software program to create for keep safe and secure to your personal data and financial data or business data from the many kinds of malware programs, computer viruses, spyware, rootkits and Trojan horses.
Microsoft antivirus products, (Microsoft Security Essential) MSE provides a real-time protection and keep safe and secure to your full system, you can constantly monitoring activities on the computer and scanning new files as they are downloaded or created and disabling dete…