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Why my computer system is too slow after installing the Comodo Antivirus?

Are you using the security software of Comodo antivirus to provide the protection to your computer device, but you feel your computer device is too slow after installing the comodo security software. Check out to your system background, there is running the task that’s the reason this is the fault of your system configuration that not running two or multiple heavy tasks at the same time or parallel. So stop to other application if you are using the Comodo antivirus and another application program.
Comodo antivirus technology originally invented to keep clean and protect the user computer device from the various types of the viruses, malware, threats, spyware, worms, infected items, and malicious software. The main motive to using the Comodo antivirus, remove the infection from the computing device.  Comodo antivirus help number offers the various products that are available in various packages users can choose and download or install according to his system need or base on the use.